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Orlando OBsession

Orlando will star with Heath Ledger and Mick Jagger in a remake of "The Kelly Gang," about a 19th century Australian bushranger Ned Kelly.  Heath Ledger will play Ned Kelly and Orlando will play his best friend Joe Byme. Filming begins in Australia on April 29.
Orlando is rumoured to be working on "Our Sunshine," a movie based on the life of Australian bush ranger Ned Kelly. (thanx to Gabby for the tip!)
Orlando was heard discussing it after the BAFTAs. The movie is due for release in 2003 and also stars Heath Ledger. Orlando's casting is unconfirmed.
For more info on the movie, check out the link below.


Harper's Bazaar, April 2002 edition, have touted Orlando as "the next Brad Pitt."
Here's the article: The new Brad Pitt: Orlando Bloom
You might remember him from... Bloom, 24, single-handedly stole the show playing the blond elf Legolas in The Lord of the Rings, followed up with Black Hawk Down.
Where you'll see him next: in comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's first big screen venture, Ali G In Da House. And elfing it up in the next two installments of The Lord of the Rings
Calling card: cool, calm, collected
Why he's the new Brad: the face. Bound to rebel against "pretty-boy" roles to play against type (as Brad did in Kalifornia)